Frequently Asked Questions

How are courses delivered?

  • Courses are delivered online. You can use a cell phone, a tablet or desktop computer to access the information. You will need internet access using the latest version of your favorite browser. Note that broadband internet access will improve the speed of the application.
  • Content is provided as a PDF download.

I purchased a course. How do I access it? 

You only need to visit the course’s page and you will have full access to the content. You can also access it from your home page. The courses you have purchased will appear at the top of the course list. By clicking on a course card, you will be directed to its contents.

How soon will I get access to my courses?

You will get access to your course(s) immediately after your make an online purchase. 

What forms of payment are accepted?  

  • When paying you will be automatically linked to Stripe a secure, third-party payment processor. You can pay with Visa, MC, AMEX or Discover.
  • To purchase multiple licenses or to receive an invoice please contact Invoicing is only available for multiple license purchases.
  • For all invoicing or payment questions please contact

Where is the invoice for the course I just bought?

You can find fully detailed invoices for all the courses you have purchased in “Your Account” page. Your Account can be found by accessing the menu on the top-right corner of the page by your name or photo. If you made a purchase outside the website, then you can contact for an invoice.

Does access to my paid course expire?

In most cases, once you have enrolled to a course you will have access for lifetime. Courses with limited time access say so clearly in the course description.

How will my email address be used?

Your e-mail address is the key to your learning programs. It is fully safe with us and we will use it only to communicate with you as necessary. You may opt-out of any email correspondance at any time.

What about refunds?

Refunds will be handled on an individual basis.

How do I create and manage my learning account?