Leadership Fundamentals – Building a Culture of
Workplace Excellence

  • Level: Leader
  • Course time: 1 hour
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 This course is written to guide and coach today’s hospitality services managers on
how to become effective and accomplished leaders, and how to build a great culture of excellence at their workplace. It teaches how to focus on people first; to treat them with respect, compassion, sincerity, fairness, and appreciation. It provides guidance on how to carry a leader’s mindset and build great teams. It explains how to communicate effectively, and to celebrate both employees’ and the organization’s successes on a regular basis.
What you are going to learn
You will learn the seven most effective, practical, and inspirational leadership principles and traits that if practiced diligently and purposefully, can help you build and sustain a culture of workplace excellence. This transformation will not only be beneficial on a personal level, but also extend greatly to your employees. You will
not only achieve your intrinsic and extrinsic objectives, but also create more leaders in your organization. You will build a great place to work for your people and as a result a highly satisfied team of employees. In the end it will benefit all customers and end users they serve.

Learning outcomes for this course include:
  • Understand great culture building fundamentals.
  • Learn to practice key principles for building a culture of highly satisfied employees.
  • Each chapter offers five pondering questions for self-assessment.
  • Identify key reasons for any employee dissatisfaction.
  • Evaluate your priorities to focus on going forward.

Khalid Shiekh

Innovator, Organizer, Leader
Khalid Shiekh is an accomplished professional with extensive experience in food and nutrition services, having held significant managerial roles for nearly four decades. His expertise encompasses efficient operational leadership, strategic financial management, and successful project oversight. Notably, he has demonstrated proficiency in optimizing costs, enhancing revenue, and ensuring smooth operational flows through effective staff placement and innovative kitchen designs. Recognized for his commitment to user satisfaction and employee engagement, Khalid is highly regarded for his influential leadership and mentorship contributions throughout his illustrious career.