Leadership Fundamentals - Results Orientation

  • Level: Leader
  • Course time: 1 hour
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What separates average from top performance? The difference is results orientation, which is both a mindset and an intentional approach to work that separates average and high performing teams. Strong performance is recognized, and the effort and outcomes are acknowledged.

It can be challenging to produce outcomes in operations environments where the work can be hard, the challenges tough, and the expectations high. Leaders and their teams who are invested in the effort, have enabled day-to-day execution, are committed to delivering outcomes despite obstacles, track performance against expectations and standards, and consistently go the extra mile demonstrate results orientation.

Pushing yourself and your team to do more cultivates new skills and grows confidence since you learn more from challenge than comfort. 
What you are going to learn

A few more words about this course

 After taking this course, establish a framework to deliver results focusing on the foundational elements of results orientation – expectations, effort, execution, and strategy. The course provides an eBook, assessment tools, insights, and action steps to take to enhance you and your team’s performance and results orientation reputation. 
Learning outcomes for this course include:
  • Describe foundational elements of results orientation – expectations, effort, execution, and strategy and apply these to performance
  • Assess results orientation traits and performance for yourself and your teams   
  • Identify strategies to leverage results orientation strengths for self and others   
  • Assess work scenario results orientation performance identifying gaps and describe specific opportunities for improvement.
  • Describe two methods to improve enabling execution. What can you do today to improve performance tomorrow?  

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