Leadership Fundamentals - Navigating Conflict

  • Level: Leader
  • Course time: 1 hour
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 Conflicts are an inevitable part of relationships, but this does not mean that they are something that we look forward to encountering. 

As a leader, you will not only have to handle your own conflicts, but you will need to successfully navigate the conflicts for your team—both those that are hurting performance as well as those that stimulate growth and new ideas. Conflict can also have positive outcomes.  
What you are going to learn

A few more words about this course

Handling conflict is often the hardest part of leadership, but luckily, it is a learned skill.

This course provides a conflict resolution framework to navigate conflict, breaking the process into more manageable parts. After this course, you will know how to balance your role in conflict and how to help your team grow and adapt despite conflict.
Learning outcomes for this course include:

  • Assess your skills navigating conflict
  • Describe common causes of conflict in the workplace
  • Evaluate your conflict quotient - how you recognize, respond, or react to conflict
  • Use elements of conflict resolution process and framework to guide planning and discussions
  • Identify common derailers for conflict resolution
  • Explain methods to deescalate conflict

Julie Jones

Learner, Leader, Coach
A gatherer of new ideas so I can translate them into creative learning and development programs for leaders. I spent more than 30 years as a leader in healthcare foodservice, an industry I love. Finding what makes learning happen for others is my passion. I share more stories about learning and leader evolution in the learning blog on this site!