Leadership Fundamentals - Feedback Essentials

  • Level: Leader
  • Course time: 1 hour
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 Providing feedback to employees can be a high-stress, high-stakes task. For employees, it can be equally hard. They can become defensive or devastated by the feedback they receive. Giving feedback takes practice. You may have to overcome your fear of giving feedback, develop confidence in your feedback process, and become better observers of performance.   

As the leader, you set the stage for giving and receiving feedback using positive and productive conversations. The foundation for all feedback, whether developing a skill, correcting substandard performance, or noting positive actions, is an investment in the person receiving the feedback. 
What you are going to learn

A few more words about this course

This  course provides a framework for delivering effective feedback, prompts your evaluation skills, and shares documentation tips for performance discussions.  Through practice scenarios, you will become more comfortable in providing feedback than can positively affect employee development. 
Learning outcomes for this course include:

  • Assess your feedback skill performance
  • Describe leader practices and actions that set the stage for effective feedback
  • Evaluate effectiveness of feedback in scenarios
  • Identify how to plan for and deliver feedback discussions
  • Learn how to document feedback discussions using SORT method

Julie Jones

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A gatherer of new ideas so I can translate them into creative learning and development programs for leaders. I spent more than 30 years as a leader in healthcare foodservice, an industry I love. Finding what makes learning happen for others is my passion. I share more stories about learning and leader evolution in the learning blog on this site!