Are your leadership skills relevant for today as well as the future?

Our courses provide inspiring breakthroughs in learning and career development for the healthcare foodservice, environmental servicesoperations leadership, and dietetics fields.
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What challenges you or your team to be F.I.T.?

  • Do you have limited time to develop yourself or your team?
  • Do you need access to high quality content and practical skill application?
  • Do you lack the experience to support and guide growth and development?
  • Do you lack focus in education and training that is not connected to your role or career plan?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, we can help!

Top 4 benefits of our courses

Our instructors have designed the most effective learning paths for you.

All our Course Introductions are FREE! Select and apply content that is important to you.

Easy access to high quality learning when it fits into you or your team’s schedule.

Learning that promotes creative and critical thinking to immediately apply to your role and operation.

Options that match your unique needs – courses, coaching, and content.


Our courses are designed to develop your skills with content that is relevant and practical for your role. Each course includes a skill or behavior assessment that documents competencies required for operations leadership. These assessments provide benchmarks for you to achieve. Job aids, coaching and added resources can increase learning.


Our team includes seasoned operations experts, leaders and educators who have a wealth of experience developing operations leaders. They can provide personal or group coaching whether it is to improve performance in your current role or discuss career development for other roles. Our coaches can support you and your team’s learning and skill development journey.


Are you looking for ready references, guides, or tools? Check out our library of downloadable documents from our courses, operational professionals, and experiences. Custom tool development is also available from our team.

5 reasons why Ruck-Shockey learning works

We will help you unlock your inner potential so your team can excel. 
  1. Developed by operational experts & educators
  2. Courses are based on the competencies required of operational leaders 
  3. Integrates leadership development and coaching opportunities
  4. Provides a roadmap for development 
  5. Trusted partner in your team's development

What our students have to say...

I’ve always enjoyed working with Ruck-Shockey and have historically had excellent results from the team.
VP of Consulting Services for multi-national firm.
Well conceived content, easy to understand and useful for role.” 
Jefferson Health participant
Our attendees appreciated the practical information to strengthen their food service operations.
Association Attendee and Event Coordinator


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